Vocational technical school Dnipro city number 2

Vocational technical school Dnipro city number 2 is a government institution vocational technical education by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Our vocational technical school carries out training of professional workers for mechanical engineering industry and metallurgical industry.


There are 17 licensed professions.

There are more than 400 students at state expense at our vocational technical school.

There are 20 highly qualified teachers and 26 masters of industrial training. They share their knowledge and experience with students with great joy.


Our team constantly grows professionally.

Our team studies employer demand and new labor technologies. Our students constantly take part in professional skills competitions. They have great results.

Now our vocational technical school is a modern educational institution. There are 26 classrooms,2 computer labs,11 industrial training workshops at our school. We have 2 gyms,a library information centre,a canteen and a dormitory.


The school has agreements on preferential enrollment in educational institutions on the first and second level of accreditation.

Our educational institution cooperates with the employment Service. Our vocational technical school trains specialists of integrated professions.We carry out retraining of the unemployed population in nine professions. Our graduates have diplomas and ranks by profession.

Our school has a creative club, creative evenings. We have all conditions for the realisation of the students creative abilities. Also our vocational technical school has sports club. We are proud of our sports team. Our students constantly take prizes in regional sports events.

The future of our country is a physical and mortally developed personality and this is our goal.